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Mission and Vision

SOIREE‘s mission is to promote the interaction and advancement of science and technology worldwide. Our objectives are as follows:

1. To provide a platform for communication, cooperation and construction in interdisciplinary science and technology.

2. To promote and organise activities for science and technology interactions among its members, as well as between the scientific organizations universities, institutions and government agencies.

3. To facilitate the exchange and collaboration in scientific research, education and business development.

4. To provide professional consultation to the science and technology, as well as assistance in fostering strategic partnership in science and technology between the relevant worldwide government bodies.

To accomplish our mission, SOIREE will organize trade missions, forums, exhibitions and industrial visits. SOIREE will publicise major scientific developments and announcements of major scientific events and forums. With the strong academic credentials of its members , SOIREE can help our members to promote their research results and assist in fostering partnerships to bridge the gap between from research and commercialization.

With a group of scientists and professionals on its executive committee, SOIREE will provide professional advice and consultation on scientific research, commercialisation and project management. SOIREE is able to assist our members to fulfill the potentials through organising training sessions, industrial attachments and internship programmes.