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The Society of Interdisciplinary Research (SOIREE) is an organisation founded by a group of professionals including scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs. We aim to serve as a platform for interaction and collaboration in Interdisciplinary culture, science, technology, and research inter-continent.


Society of Interdisciplinary Research (SOIREE) is an international forum for scholars, researchers, and practitioners to share their recent discoveries and developments in interdisciplinary way. Our overarching goal is to shape the future via promoting emerging solutions to grand challenges in the 21st Century.

  • To keep our members update about major developments in culture, science and technology, as well as informed about upcoming conferences; to serve as a platform for our members to promote their research results and assist them in fostering partnerships
  • To organise various technological and industrial forums,training sessions, industrial attachments and to facilitate interactions between the academic and commercial sectors.
  • With a learned and well-known group of scientists and professionals, SOIREE is able to provide professional advice and consultations on scientific research, commercialisation and project management.